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... are you drinking healthy water?

Adya Clarity for Healthy WaterNot only water filtered and free of harmful chemicals and contaminants but healthy  living ionic mineral water that supports any healthy lifestyle. You may currently be drinking water enhanced by man’s manipulation to our water like your tap water, reverse osmosis, ionized, alkaline and distilled water which are free from harmful chemicals and contaminants but lack the essential elements like ionic macro and trace minerals which are the essential elements to sustain life. Stop drinking dead water and give your body some living ionic mineral water the way nature intended water to be.

What happens if you drink dead water that lacks ionic minerals and oxygen.

Your body becomes dehydrated, acidic and unable to assimilate the nutrients which we all spend so much time and money on like vitamins and supplements.

Without the right type of minerals our bodies are unable to receive these supplements on a cellular level.

The key to good health is good water!

The key to life is minerals!

We need to drink healthy water. Ionic Mineral enhanced, living water provides clean filtered pure water, with all the healthy nutrients and Activated Oxygen your body needs, supporting these benefits:

Enhanced Water for Healthier Living

  • Boost Your Immune System
  • Instantly Hydrate Your Body
  • Eliminate Toxins
  • Enjoy Restful Sleep
  • Increased Energy
  • Enjoy Softer Skin
  • Relieve Bloating or Water Retention
  • Relieve Acid Reflux
  • Reduce Arthritis Pain
  • Teach Your Body Homeostasis
  • No More Constipation

Enjoy the fresh taste and energy of healthy water!

Adya Clarity™ - About our product

Many famous mineral springs known for their healing abilities contain sulfate minerals from silicate compounds. Our minerals are extracted in sulfate form from a silicate caged mineral known as biotite. Biotite is known for its many healing properties in natural homeopathic medicine, as well as metaphysical medicine in awakening one’s consciousness.

Healthy Water is right for you!

Healthy living demands that you drink good fresh, clean water with Activated Oxygen - not water that is contaminated with bacteria, chemicals, and devoid of important minerals. When you drink water treated with mineral solution, you will have begun the process of ‘youthing'.

Water and minerals play a crucial role in every process occurring in your body, right down to the cellular level. We can go without eating for a month or more and still survive, but death is almost certain within a matter of days without water. It is ironic that water deficiency is so common in North America, where potable water is so plentiful. Developed countries, like the North America are at risk the most for degenerative diseases because of our severe mineral deficiencies in our foods from over farming and use of chemicals in our land.

Adya Clarity™ Summary

Adya Clarity™ is a dissolved ionic mineral salt. It is a magnetic sulfate mineral solution that is extracted through an acid sulfate process from one of the rarest, and most mineral rich Biotite or Black Mica sources on this planet.

Adya Clarity’s function is to precipitate dissolved contaminants within water making the toxins harmless. Adya Clarity™ has the ability to convert dissolved contaminants into burned-up, inert matter.

With over 80 trace minerals in soluble form, Adya Clarity™ also provides the body with one of the most complete mineral matrices that Nature has to offer.

Water today has many challenges. Thankfully, Adya Clarity™ goes to work on your water to improve it in many ways.
· Bacteria is eliminated
· Impurities are clarified
· Oxygen is activated
· Frequency and energy are raised
· Taste is enhanced
The result is great tasting water that is mineral rich, hydrating, and detoxifying.

This honorable mineral salt is so powerful we have been able to provide 3rd world countries the ability to sanitize and purify some of the most contaminated water on this Earth.


Adya Clarity™ is formulated to be mixed into water. Once mixed with water, the minerals dissolve and become part of the water.

Adya Clarity™ minerals also work to purify the water. Dissolved contaminants which exist in the water become visible. They then sink to the bottom of the glass or container and never mix back into the water. In other words, while in this water, they can never dissolve again. In distilled water there should be no dissolved contaminants, therefore, there should be no precipitation. Unfortunately, almost all other waters such as tap, rivers, lakes,
ponds, spring and even most bottled waters show signs of dissolved contaminants. Adya clarity™ is amazing at revealing contamination along with making the water safer, cleaner,and healthier to drink.In this way, Adya Clarity™ is used to clean-up the impurities in water and as an outstanding source for a complete matrix of minerals.


The amount of Adya Clarity™ that should be added to water is dependent on the purity of the water. Following are the general amounts based on typical drinking water in the United States:
1 teaspoon for 1 gallon of water.
20 drops for 1 quart of water.
5 drops for 8 ounces of water.


Adya Clarity™ is formulated to be mixed into water. Once mixed with water, the minerals dissolve and become part of the water.

Adya Clarity™ 2 ounce transforms approximately 15 gallons of water. This is a one month supply for the average person. This size is great for travel and on the go.
Adya Clarity™ 16 ounce transforms approximately 125 – 150 gallons of water.
Adya Clarity™ 32 ounce transforms approximately 250 – 300 gallons of water.


* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA

Why Adya?

Adya's products are non-toxic, free of synthetic chemicals and 100% natural.  Adya's products remove or reduce more contaminants than the leading filtration brands, are safe for you and the environment, and give your water a pure, delicious taste.

Adya Clarity products remove or reduce more drinking water contaminants than the leading filtration brands.

Through testing conducted by an independent, U.S. EPA-certified laboratory, Adya Clarity products have been proven to remove or reduce over 250 contaminants from water. Compare the ability of Adya's products to any of the leading brands, and you will see why Adya is the manufacturer who provides the most comprehensive solution for water treatment.

Adya Clarity products effectively remove or reduce the following drinking water contaminants:

  • Agricultural Chemicals                                   
  • Disinfectants & Disinfection Byproducts
  • Heavy Metals
  • Industrial Chemicals
  • Microorganisms
  • Pharmaceuticals & Basic Drugs

Adya Clarity products are better for you and better for the environment.

Water pollution is one of the world's biggest problems. Not only does contaminated water damage our health, but it damages the health of our environment as well, killing plant and animal life and damaging ecosystems.
Adya provides a solution that will benefit all living things as our products can be used to clean any freshwater source
; whether from your tap, well, lake, or pond.

By cleaning water, Adya's products help clean the air. Certain chemicals, like Volatile Organic Comounds (VOC's), easily evaporate from water and end up in the atmosphere. By reducing these chemicals in water, Adya's products help reduce them in the air as well.

Adya's products help reduce greenhouse gases and landfill waste by eliminating the need for bottled water; so you can get pure, fresh water without all the waste. Talk about refreshing!

Adya Clarity products improve the taste of water.

Taste is one of the main reasons people choose to filter their water. Unlike other filtration brands that only reduce 97% of chlorine, Adya's products remove 100% of chlorine, completely eliminating any nasty pool water taste. Adya Clarity contains essential trace minerals which help give your water a crisp, refreshing taste.

Adya Clarity products are 100% natural.

Adya Clarity is a blend of purified water and naturally occurring ionic sulfate mineral salts that purifies water without the use of toxic, synthetic chemicals.


* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA

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Check out the webinar created by Kacper Postawski Companies regarding how unbelievably bad our water is and the truths that are being hidden from us regarding all that is in our waters. He discusses how the Adya Clarity minerals will go to work on the all fresh waters and destroy the bad stuff that is polluting our waters and us!

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Adya® Clarity Tested and Endorsed by the Hippocrates Health Institute

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See our new information pages for more in-depth information on Adya® Clarity

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