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Listed on our resource page are many in depth reports and articles to substantiate the Adya® story.

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Download the Adya® brochure providing an overview of Adya®

Download the Adya® brochure.

Gardy's Response to false allegations lodged against Adya Clarity.

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Adya® Clarity Overview Documents

Throughout these documents you will find different names for the same solution as the Adya® Clarity. Please note that these different names (Themarox, Super Mineral Water, Special Water, etc.) represent the same solution as the Adya® Clarity.

Adya® Clarity Summary

Article from the Hippocrates Health Institute

Health Canada Natural Product Number(s) (NPN) for Adya Clarity #1.

Health Canada Natural Product Number(s) (NPN) for Themarox #2.

The Birth of Activated Oxygen with the Adya® System

Interview of Dr. Asao Shimanishi, the inventor of Super Mineral Solution (Adya® Clarity)

Additional Interview of Dr. Asao Shimanishi.

Secret of Life on Earth May Be as Simple as What Happens Between the Sheets -- Mica Sheets, That Is

Life On Earth May Have Originated As The Organic Filling In A Multilayer Sandwich Of Mica Sheets

Adya® Clarity Super Mineral Book Summary

Adya® Clarity Mexcio City WI Test Report Summary


Adya® Clarity Shimanishi San Speech

Adya® Clarity Themarox Around the World

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Audio Interview of Matthew Bakos by Dr. David Kamnitzer

Enjoy this fascinating discussion between Dr. David Kamnitzer and Matt Bakos, a leading expert in the area water and minerals in human nutrition. The conversation is passionate and far-reaching!

Click here to listen to the interview

Learn more about Dr. David Kamnitzer at

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Water and You eBook

Water and You – The History of Filtration

The following article derived from research into the history of water filtration systems will explain the various methods of filtering water with the pros and cons of each type. The article will also review why water is so important to sustain the human body, prevent disease and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Download the Water and You eBook

Effects of dehydration Document

Water Chemistry Document

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Oxygen and Water

Adya® Ionic Minerals Deliver Oxygen through Water

Other than breathing, water is the medium which delivers nutrients and oxygen to our cells. OXYGEN enhanced water has demonstrated significant improvement in blood and immune system function! The other incredibly important way to keep the wastes down and give the oxygen access to our body's cells is to drink a LOT of water. But most waters are devoid of ionic minerals so the water does not deliver the oxygen.

Why We Need Oxygen

We can live without food for weeks, water for days, but without oxygen, we die within minutes! Oxygen is the most vital nutrient for our bodies! Without a continuous, proper supply of oxygen our body's internal organs begin to degrade, become diseased and age more rapidly.

When mixed with water, the Adya® minerals act as catalysts and begin the process of changing oxygen in the water into Activated Oxygen. Read the entire Oxygen and Water report for complete details of how Adya® satisfies the body's need for oxygen.

Complete Oxygen and You report.

Activated Oxygen report.

Cellular Oxygenation with Minerals report.

Minerals and You

Adya®’s Ionic Minerals

Ionized minerals are bio electrically charged minerals that are dissolved in water. They carry an extra electron.

Adya®’s Ionic Minerals are DISSOLVED, not suspended, in an ionized or “living” state. Therefore they are more easily absorbed into our blood stream and body cells. Ionized minerals go into our body surrounded by nutrients. Ionized minerals DO NOT build up to toxic levels in our tissues and joints as do minerals in colloidal or dead form.

In layman’s terms ionization means ‘absorbed’, but also ‘electrically charged’. Our body works on bio electricity, every organ has its own unique bio electric wave length. OUR Adya® Ionic Mineral solution delivers MINERALS IN AN IONIZED STATE. Rather than tap water being broken down in the stomach in preparation for absorption Adya® Water is absorbed nearly instantly and reaches the bloodstream and cells fast. The Adya® System is designed to deliver OXYGEN, WATER, AND… LIVING MINERALS to our body!

Read our complete 20 page Minerals and You Report to learn the awesome benefits od Adya® Ionic Minerals.

Complete Minerals and You Report

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Mineral deficiency and illnesses! By Hisatake Nojima, M.D

This ebook explains how mineral deficiency has been the cause of all of these modern day diseases and life style illnesses!! I must warn you this is not light reading but will make you realize the value of minerals to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Mineral deficiency and illnesses!

By Hisatake Nojima, M.D


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Download the Elements Chart

This chart demonstrates the safety of the Adya Clarity and the elements that make up its mineral matrix. This chart shows Adya Clarity compared to certain fruits and vegetables and their levels of certain elements in their natural form and what our Daily Allowance is for each as determined by the FDA.

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